Pineapple Chips

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Sweet and moreish pineapple chips are not only delicious but also full of vitamin A, C and good minerals such as calcium, phosphor, bromelain and lots of fibre. Pineapple is known as a cold remedy and it also helps to reduce blood pressure.


  • 100% natural
  • No added sugar
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Ingredients: pineapple (100%)

Net weight: 40g

Nutrition information: Per 100g
Energy 420 Kcal Carbohydrate 85.45 g
Protein 3.61 g of which natural sugars 72.20 g
Fat 7.06 g Fibre 10.41 g
of which saturated fat 2.91 g Sodium 79.59 mg